A LETTER TO LOVE (A poem by Kevin Onuegbu)


Dear lady,

I come from a world

Of broken dreams,

Shattered images

Putrefying bodies calling out vulturous vultures

From the open skies


I come from a land

where blood flows and stretches like the Nile

Every breath of air

Bears witness to the stiffened muscles of my kinsmen

Whose bodies were butchered badly by bloody bulls

I come from a land

Capable of progression

But devilled by corruption

And susceptible to destruction

Alas! Smokes of cremation blind the vision of hope


A land where the crowns rest not on the heads of philosopher kings but on the shoulders of mediocrities

A land where some success depends solely not the capacity of the brain but the dialects of the body

A land where singers with grease-proof  palms are shown the pathetic path to ‘perpetual living’

Friends turn foes in this land because their eyes have been plastered by the palms of poverty


Dear lady,

My feet cannot dance to beats of your heart

My feet only knows the beats of bombs and sonorous sounds of guns

And when the thunders of famine have stricken my land, my home

I see skeletal children dashing through the streets with cracked empty bowls

But I find no means to call them for a coin

As my voice has been lost at the battle of tears


So, Dear lady, when you tell me the degree of your love for me,

The only thing that rings a bell

Is the love and affection dangers and disasters have for my land, my home.

© Kevin Onuegbu

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