THE NEW BEGINNING (A Poem by Adeosun Oluwatunmise)


Starting anew,
Is not as easy as it sounds.
Trying to stand tall,
Amidst failures and regrets.
Covered in battle scars,
Wounded but not defeated.

Be calm, my frail heart.
I’ll pick up your pieces myself.
This time will be better.
And if it isn’t,
We’ll fight again,
At every new beginning.

And through patience,
We’ll find it.
The new beginning;
Our new beginning.





Adeosun Oluwatunmise is a psychologist in training and a poet.
She started writing about things she was going through and developed from there. She hopes to connect with people going through problems through her poems to empathize and also provide solutions.
She writes officially for a Christian ministry and has some of her works published in anthologies.
Currently, she is a sophomore studying psychology at the University of Ibadan.

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